Plan a Successful Catered Event With Us

Plan a Successful Catered Event With Us

Our Event Plans

Some people can find event preparation and menu planning enjoyable, but it can be intimidating for others. At Just the Right Touch Catering, we are here to help you create a perfect dining experience that will surely impress your guests.


What You Need to Know

There are standard considerations that you need to know to ensure you have the right amount of food, the appropriate types of food, and the proper length of service. Keeping these in mind will help you make your gathering unforgettable.


Hors D´oeuvres

When ordering meal starters, the right amount depends on when you plan to serve them. Here are the details you can use as
a basis:

  • Afternoon: 2 to 4 Portions Per Guest for Each Hour
  • Late Afternoon: 6 to 8 Portions Per Guest
  • Dinner: 12 to 15 Portions Per Guest
  • Post-Dinner: 2 to 3 Portions Per Guest


One main course will be made available for events with less than 20 guests. With the exception of entrees for those with special dietary needs, a multiple-entree fee applies with the following minimum requirements.

  • 20 to 50 Guests: Up to Two Entrees With a Minimum of 10 Each
  • More than 50 Guests: Up to Three Entrees With a Minimum of 10 Each

Buffet Meals

We recommend a minimum of one double-sided buffet per 150 guests. Please allocate enough space in your floor plan for a smoothly run buffet. If your group falls below the minimums for the buffet you have selected, please consult us about additional fees that may apply.

Length of Service

We offer approximately 90-minute standard dinner service, inclusive of wine pairing. Below is the allotted time for each course:

  • Salads or Starters: Minimum of 15 Minutes to Serve, Plus Eating Time
  • Wine: Minimum of 15 Minutes to Serve, Plus Eating Time
  • Entree: Minimum of 20 Minutes, Plus Eating Time
  • Dessert: Minimum of 15 Minutes to Serve, Plus Eating Time


There is an allowance of 90 minutes in our staff scheduling for a
client´s program. Should a program require more time than the allotted time, additional labor fees will apply.

Special Dietary Requirements

Whether you are a vegetarian or vegan, or you have food allergies, we can make a menu that suits your particular needs. Consult your catering sales manager for the guidelines.


Get in Touch

Whatever menu specifications you require, Just the Right Touch Catering has the expertise and experience to meet your satisfaction. Connect with our team if you are interested in acquiring our services.